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Just a few days to go till the clash of the titans. Feeling nervous already?

If you won’t make it to the Champions League Final match in Kiev, this year, make sure you still show your support from the comfort of your home. You can easily support your favorite team online, days before the Final, with a ready-made poster like the ones below.

support your team in champions league

Or you can create an original new poster in Creatopy to make sure your heart’s enthusiasm is accurately translated into words.

support your team in champions league with a ready-made poster

Pick your poster and share it on Social Media.

Whether you’re a Madridista or a lifelong Liverpool fan, you can choose one of the posters below, save it (cost-free) and post it on Social Media to show your support.  

Share it with other fans. Create some buzz around your team.

Create your own poster in Creatopy.

Couldn’t find anything appealing here? (I know they’re quite moderate) Then, create your own poster in Creatopy.

Go for something bolder, wittier, jaw-dropping.

Make some noise!

Choose a Social Media format size, pick a ready-made template, add your pictures, text, team logo, and shapes.

You can even create an animated banner!


Diana Guta
Content Marketing Specialist at Creatopy


  1. I hope win teem of the liverpool.

  2. The future is red…❤❤❤ Never walk alone…⚽⚽⚽

  3. Real Madrid

  4. Real Madrid is in my heart ♥️ I miss my

  5. Hala madrid

  6. real madrid

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